Trance Kingdom 041

So..... wazzup?
It has been a while, but here is another edition of Trance Kingdom. Time to slow down a little bit, but still uplifting at 136 bpm,

Some nice tracks and a couple of oldies:
- Impulsive Drive - Another Way
- a special remix of Ron van den Beukens - The Voice Inside

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More to come sooooon....

To listen:

01 Ace Ventura - The Spark (Ritmo Remix)
02 Anguilla Project - Refractory (Andrelli & Blue Spainish Touch Mix)
03 Falcon - Zero Gravity (Original Mix)
04 Impulsive Drive - Another Way (Original Mix)
05 Ron Van Den Beuken Vs. T.O.M. Feat. Hadassa - The Voice Inside (Tommygoff Remix)
06 R V M Feat. Dave Cold - Everytime (Tamerlan & Djons Remix)
07 Impulsive Drive - Another Way (Sly One & Jurrane Remix)
08 Ultimate - Wonderland (Colonial One Remix)
09 Running Man - Music Matters (Original Mix)
10 Heatbeat - Ask The Angels (Original Mix)
11 System F - Elevate (North State Remix)
12 Trance Arts - Progressiva
13 Xtigma - Genesis

Trance Kingdom 041.mp3
Trance Kingdom 041.mp3