Broadcast update

Just to let you all know!
The broadcast week of Trance Kingdom and Trance Anarchy will start on Tuesday!
This means, both shows will be broadcasted on Belgium radiostation Contact Dance on Tuesday instead of Thursday.
Even better news: both shows will be broadcasted right after eachother.
  • Trance Kingdom starts at 22:00 CET, 128-138 bpm
  • Trance Anarchy starts at 23:00 CET, 140 bpm 
2 hours of pure trance on your favorite station. No more excuses to skip this one ;-)

*Minor detail: both shows will be presented with 1 showname:
Trancelated - Mixed by Robbie4Ever 


Anonymous said...

Link to Contact Dance doesn´t work!

Robbie4Ever said...

Thanks for the notification!
Link is fixed now:

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