Trance Kingdom 047

More beats per minute, reaching the speedlimit of Trance Kingdom, 140 bpm. Otherwise I have to change the name to HardTrance Kingdom.
(maybe an idea for a spinoff)

Two classic tracks:
Starting with John Askew - New Dimension
Midway we've got... eh... Midway - Inca.

At the end switching over to some heavy trance, at the edge of hardtrance.
The last track (Matt Skyer - Electroline) will be the first track of Trance Kingdom 048. So be prepared...!!!

Enough talk, let's start...

To listen:

01 John Askew - New Dimensions
02 Jo Micali - Euphoria (Indecent Noise Rework)
03 Akira Kayosa - Transform (ReOrder feat Dave Dean remix)
04 Ross Anderson & Nick Rowland - Ignite (Estigma Remix)
05 Midway - Inca
06 Beam vs Michelle Aragon - Silent Tears ( Sean Tyas Remix )
07 Artexx - Serious Truth (Original Mix)
08 Ferry Tayle & Static Blue - Trapeze (Daniel Kandi's Emotional Remix)
09 Sander van Doorn - Renegade (Sean Truby Remix)
10 Jamie Drummond - Solitude (Original Mix)
11 Andy Raeside - Incinerate (Original Mix)
12 Octagen & Midor - Metropolitan (Hard Mix)
13 Matt Skyer - Electroline (Original Mix)

Trance Kingdom 047.mp3
Trance Kingdom 047.mp3 (mirror)