Trance Kingdom 056

Hi and welcome back for more Trance Kingdom. 056, another 140 bpm set.

If you liked the previous Trance Kingdom, you're gonna love this one.
Another high-speed, pumping set, going like a TGV.

I included another track from Paul Webster - Corruption, so I keep trance buddy Hans a happy person ;-)

Furthermore we got a track from Johan Ekman who inspired me to create my own mixes.

The last track is from Alpahzone - Rockin', at the upper edge of trance.

Thanks alot for all your support and keep following me at:

To listen:

01 2nd Phase - Highjacker (Bryan Kearney & Liam Melly Remix)
02 Fergie & Sadrian - Just Be Yourself (Original Mix)
03 Johan Ekman - Future Vision
04 Paul Webster - Corruption (Original Mix)
05 John Miller - Viper (DJ Snowman Remix)
06 Mark Sherry vs Dr Willis - Here Come The Drums (Original Mix)
07 William Daniel - Type R (Original Mix)
08 Dusterix - Dusted (Sean Tyas Remix)
09 Jamie Walker - Exposure (Original Mix)
10 Liam Melly - Automator (David Forbes Remix)
11 Tuomas J - Life Goes On (John Dopping Remix)
12 Hughes and Ballantine - Jawbreak-R (Original Mix)
13 Alphazone - Rockin' (Original Club Mix)

Trance Kingdom 056.mp3
Trance Kingdom 056.mp3 (mirror)