Trance Kingdom 057

As always I close my 140 bpm series with an extra set that is just 2 clicks harder.
This time we are going over the edge of Trance. This set contains HardTrance material, not for softies. I call this episode the "My neighbors hate me for nothing" edition.

One of my favorite tracks is Arome - Hands Up. Once played by Tom Harding on Dance Valley (ages ago). I always get good memories when hearing this track.

Thank you all for you support and enjoy listening.

To listen:

01 Nick Callaghan & Will Atkinson - Limitless (Original Mix)
02 Paul Webster - High Voltage (Matt Skyer Remix)
03 Sebastian Montano - Beyond The Stars (Aizen Remix)
04 Arome - Hands Up!
05 Neal Thomas - PyroTechno(B.iLL Mash-up)
06 The Sixth Sense - Paradise (Neal Thomas Remix)
07 Magnus - Final Resolve
08 Marcel Woods - Advanced (Colin James & Alan Ruddick Remix)
09 LEANINGS, Mark - Dropshot (Jocs Playma edit)
10 Simon O Shine & Sergey Nevone - Road to Paradise (Original Mix)
11 Will Atkinson, Nick Callaghan - Let Go (Indecent Noise Dark Sessions Edit)
12 David Forbes & Greame Pollock - Traumatise (Original Mix)
13 Phil York Vs Brk3 - Traffic (Shockforce Remix)

Trance Kingdom 057.mp3
Trance Kingdom 057.mp3 (mirror)